Are you a Millennial trying to level up? Here are the people you need to know...

Millenials are born between 1981 to 1996, therefore aged 23-39 years in 2020, and represent a quarter of the UK population (2017). This generation are the natives of the information age, who can naturally navigate the digital technologies and social media of these times. This makes them desirable in the workplace; bringing in a new-era of talent with originality, a desire to add value and have purpose, with the tech-savviness to push their respected industries forward. Despite this, 64% state they are lucky to even have a job at all, and many feel economically hard done by, when they realise they are earning significantly less than they had anticipated. It is thus said, that Millennials feel ‘entitled to rapid career progression, and frequent increases in salary’ as they job-hop to the next best opportunity obtained via their connections. Despite this, they are able to averagely increase their wages by 4.5%.

With the unique financial challenges this generation are faced with; to obtain any financial security can feel like you have one hand tied behind your back. Faced with hefty student loan debts, obstructions in home ownership, and lower incomes in their 30s than previous generations. It comes as no surprise that many are actively seeking and investing into personal financial advice, for more financial security and decision-making.

A survey found that despite millennials dreaming big, many have short-term to no savings at all, irrespective of their desire for more financial knowledge. Stats have also shown that 21% would like further education on savings and investing, 12% wanting to know how to manage debts and banking, and 9% seeking to buy and sell property.

These small but mighty influencers are decoding and simplifying what to us can look like a rubiks cube of financial problems

Financial success can almost feel unattainable when you lack the monetary knowledge to move things forward. But when you're empowered via social media, with sometimes catchy, bitesize and humorous content from people you can relate to, and know what they're talking about; you're easily inspired to commit to changing your money habits for the long-haul. The social media landscape is shifting from what was essentially a celebrity showreel. Users are now diverting their focus towards more identifiable people, who can provide more meaningful and trustworthy interaction. This can manifest itself in a personal finance influencer.

These small but mighty influencers are decoding and simplifying what to us can look like a rubiks cube of financial problems i.e. mortgages, investments, and savings. Helping us to understand monetary/banking terms and conditions that we would otherwise ignore, or have to turn to an independent financial adviser for at a cost that's perhaps beyond what we can even afford or even be eligible to obtain.

Here at The Penny Pal we have brought to you some of the top personal finance millennial influencers. Who they are, and what they are about, and how they came to share ...

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