A few weeks ago, I asked those on Instagram what content would help them reach their 2020 goals. One follower suggested having a forum where they could learn from others financial experiences....

The Penny Letters is a series where members of this community can share their financial successes and struggles with Debt, Saving, Earning, Housing and anything else that

you believe is relevant.

The stories you share will be shared across our blog and

socials to help others who may be in the same situation as you.

Please note submissions will be anonymous. But if you wish there is the opportunity to be referenced when the story is shared by leaving your Instagram or twitter handle on the

form. To submit your story, head over to the below link:

If you think you would enjoy or benefit hearing other people’s situations then please consider sharing your own.

💭 Think of this as an exchange of knowledge and experience!

🚀 We are all here to learn and grow.