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Updated: Mar 13

Speaking about finance online, and for free, is enabling me to give knowledge to those that want/need it, or that are unaware of where to look for it.

What are 3 things people may not know about you?

1) I broke a national sales record when I was selling warranties and insurance during my gap year, and won my Mum a washing machine in the process

2) I’ve only ever been to one concert in my life and it was Eskimo Dance when I was in my second year at uni

3) In the last 5 out of 6 jobs I’ve had, I was the youngest in the team. Yes, I’ve been called the baby of the group a lot

What motivated / inspired you to start talking about personal finance online?

I come from a top 5% most disadvantaged postcodes, so aside from beginning my financial journey with little money, I also had little knowledge on how to arrange my finances and how to go about many financial decisions.

I have a healthy relationship with money: I spend whenever I want, yet I never worry about bills or not having money to cover the necessities and a bit of luxury every now and then. I’m a huge believer of social mobility and creating a level playing field for people, regardless of background. Speaking about finance online, and for free, is enabling me to give knowledge to those that want/need it, or that are unaware of where to look for it. Like many industries, people in the world of finance love to use big words and jargon to make it seem like what they’re doing is extremely complicated, when it often isn’t.

My aim is to simplify the complex world of finance. I have been fortunate to have had some great mentors in my working life, so it seems right to give people similar opportunities to what I was afforded. And as a side note, I have found that sharing my experience and knowledge on Twitter has given me great chances to network with others. There is still a lot for me to learn too.

What is the one piece of advice that you’d give to people just realising that they need to get their finances in order?

Patience is key. You cannot get rich overnight, unless you’re playing the lottery. Anyone who promises you different is lying. You can definitely go broke overnight though, so focus on reducing high interest debt. The power of compounding is huge, so you need the patience to let your savings gain interest and your investments to increase in value. You cannot go wrong by beginning with the MoneySavingExpert website There is a wealth of impartial information freely available on there.

Do you have any mentors or people that you follow that have influenced you to be financially educated?

My previous manager has decades of experience as a financial trader in some of the world’s biggest banks and he is a massive help with my technical banking knowledge. Martin Lewis is basically God to me. He is brilliant at simplifying the complicated, and MoneySavingExpert is a personal finance bible. If you want to watch a good film about the global financial crisis, then watch The Big Short. It gives a digestible explanation of what lead to the crisis (and features a cameo from Margot Robbie, which I’m a big fan of).

What do you hope to accomplish by speaking about money online?

To help as many people as possible, without them incurring any costs. We live in a world where taking is more common than giving, so I want to help change that. If I can come from the background I’ve had and be clued up on personal finance, I don’t want anyone to think it isn’t achievable. Money is the cause of many problems, and my aim is to alleviate that as much as I can.

If you were given £500k, what would you do with it?

First thing I’d do is buy a pair of Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunks.

To be on the safe side, I’d lump £50,000 into Premium Bonds, which is essentially a free lottery that enters you into a monthly draw for up to £1,000,000.

It is unorthodox, but I would buy a tower crane and rent it out in Dubai (as that’s where I will be living soon). If you have ever been to Dubai, you would have seen that there’s almost as many cranes as there are people!

With the remaining money, I would buy a large stock of rare trainers for resell. I would have to do more research first, but I would consider buying a property in Dubai; however, house prices have been declining there for a number of consecutive years.

If I had anything left, I’d drip-feed it into a nice and simple global index tracker fund. Do not take this as investment advice, but I would add to my cryptocurrency portfolio (Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, for those that don’t know) .

I have said I want to start at least one business before I die, so I imagine £500K would be useful in achieving that dream!

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