The Penny Letters: "I was never taught about saving"

Age: 24

What industry do you work in? Health Care Nursing

What city do you work in? Essex

What is your experience about? Saving

How much do you have saved in total? £13,000

Tell us your story: I was never taught about saving and growing up all I know is we didn’t have money. I started saving from 17, making my small £5 a hour on 4hr shifts twice a week. I would save £10 a week at least. I started my nursing degree and I was so low on funds but always told myself to save, so I did! With the little I got from NHS bursary I saved about £50 and budgeted on food and placement travel. I graduated with £2500 savings.

Once I started working I lived at home and made £1500 a month. I save £1k a month (toward a house purchase one day) and £200 a month for holidays. Since then I go on holidays at least twice a year. That’s my treat to me. Now I’ve moved out my expenses are HIGH but I still manage to save £500 a month towards my future home. My salary isn’t great but my mind is on the end goal.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone else who is trying to save?

Plan your treat! If you want a luxury holiday then save for it and enjoy the moment. When you plan you have something to look forward to and don’t feel like your saving in vain.